• 2018
  • USA, Santa Barbara County
  • 13.0%
  • Syrah and Grenache

Sans Soufre Ajoute John Sebastiano Syrah & Grenache

At The Ojai Vineyard, we were celebrating the 2018 vintage before bud-break, as Winter delivered rain like our region had not seen in years. The storms brought truly cold weather, too, so the vines got a nice long dormancy. Bud-break happened around late March / early April. Spring was dominated by cool, cloudy weather with sunshine appearing during vine blooming.

Then after a violent early July heatwave, weather turned mild and onshore influenced again. It stayed that way until harvest, which occurred about a month later than the previous few years.

We harvested fruit with profound flavor development, moderate potential alcohol, and ideal acidity levels. Other 2018 developments in our pursuit include culturing sound ferments with our sampling fruit to ensure reliable native yeast fermentation.

We’re also now extending lees contact until bottling for our Syrahs (omitting a single racking), and utilizing micro-oxygenation in barrel to achieve that without reductive complication. The less we move, the better wines evolve. 2018 wines were well preserved, and are showing resplendent freshness and depth.

2018 겨울은 지난 몇 해 동안 보기 힘든 많은 양의 비가 내렸었고 폭풍들이 지나갔습니다. 따라서 오랜 휴면을 통해 포도 나무들은 충분히 휴식을 취할 수 있었고 3월말과 4월초즘 싹이 트기 시작했습니다.

여름전까지 주로 구름이 많이 꼈지만 꽃봉우리가 피우는 시점에는 해가 났습니다. 7월에는 엄청난 폭염이 찾아왔지만 나머지 여름과 수확시기까지는 해풍으로 인해 기온이 크게 더워지지 않았습니다.

2018년에는 시라 품중에 대한 앙금접촉 시간을 병입 직전까지 늘렸습니다. 와인은 스트레스를 받지 않고 움직이지 않을수록 그 향과 맛이 향상되기에 최소한의 작업으로 진행되도록 심혈을 기울였고 그 결과 2018년 와인은 생기 로우며 깊이가 더해졌습니다.