• 1993
  • Italy, Piemonte, Barbaresco
  • 14.0%
  • Nebbiolo


This wine is strong, structured, and firm. Since early January 1993 the winter was extremely cold and the low temperatures continued to dominate endlessly until late April and the very beginning of May, accompanied by the characteristic peculiarity of total absence of rains. In June the situation reversed and the long days of continuous rain irritated the soil and penetrated deeply underground to moist the roots of the vines and accumulate reserves of water for the long, hot and summer that was to come.

In fact, the summer period again brought dryness and high temperatures, that had brought considerable water stress, which the plants passed successfully, thanks to the deep-soil reserves accumulated in June. The soft Autumn rains refreshed the Nebbiolo plants and gave them the right conditions necessary to complete feeding the grapes until the most extraordinary ripening perfection.

The extreme cold of the winter, the hot dryness of the summer, the rejuvenating rains of September and the serene days of October have been magically extrapolated and concentrated in a unique and very different wine, The color of Alivio Barbaresco Riserva 1993 is amber with deep gold. On the nose, one can sense hot soil, blood and ferrous notes. The resistance of the tannins will transform this wine into an incomparable wine after almost three decades.

1993 알리비오 바르바레스코 리제르바는 견고함 그 자체입니다. 매서운 한파가 몰아친 겨울은 1월부터 5월 초까지 지속됐으며 봄비가 내리지 않아 포도나무들이 버티기에 너무 혹독했습니다. 여름에도 강수량이 부족했습니다. 폭염까지 더해져 포도나무들은 스트레스를 받으며 비가 조금 내렸던 6월 땅속 깊이 머금고 있는 지하수로 여름을 견뎌냈습니다.

다행히 가을비가 내려 나무들이 포도송이를 충분히 숙성될 수 있게끔 도와줬습니다. 추운 겨울과 뜨거운 여름, 즉 급격한 기후변화를 이겨낸 포도들은 강한 농도를 타고나 여느 빈티지와도 다른 특색있는 와인으로 탄생했습니다.