Weingut Peter Jakob Kuhn Mühlstraße 70, 65375 Oestrich-Winkel, Germany

For more than 230 years, Jakob Kuhn’s family has been growing vines in Rheingau. Knowledge of these special vineyard sites, such as Doosberg, Klosterberg, Lenchen, St. Nikolaus, as well as Hendelberg and Jungfer, was handed down over 10 generations. They are 95% planted with Riesling, the rest mainly with Pinot Noir. Since 2004, the vineyards have been cultivated according to the rules of biodynamic viticulture. Doosberg, VDP. Grosse Lage, is located in the South-West slanting hilltop with constant down winds through which the grapes dry fast and remain healthy. This area is filled with grey quartzite and clay rich soil. Grapes are handpicked, pressed extremely carefully, and aged in large wooden vats. The stunning Riesling from Peter Jakob Kuhn are complex, refreshing, and food friendly.

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