Szepsy 3909 Mád, Batthyány út 59. Hungary

The Szepsy family has been producing wines in Tokaji since the 1500s, when the production of aszu wine also started. Thus, the history and life of the family and wine are inseparable. It has always been the family’s goal to produce the best possible quality grapes in the vineyard without compromise. This is why the vineyards are located in high altitude with stony steep slopes. The Szepsy winery owns 52 hectares in the center of town called Mad planted with an average of 40 years old vines. The grape varieties are Furmint, Harslevelu, and Muscat. The vineyards mainly consist of zeolite, quartz, clay minerals, and volcanic rhyolite. The vines are trained as medium-high cordon without insecticide or herbicide. The climate is characterized by hot Summers, long Autumns, cool Winters, and an average annual rainfall of 550mililiter. For dry wines, Szepsy uses indigenous yeast without enzymes for fermentation in barrels, and then matures wines in lightly scorched Zemplen oak barrels for about 9 months. For Aszu, the wines are matured for over 40 months in Zemplen oak barrels with minimum sulfur added. Annually, 38,000 bottles of dry wines and 7,000 bottles of Aszu wines are produced. Green Turtle proudly introduces Szepsy Eszencia, which was only made three times in the past 30 years. Szepsy Eszencia 2007 contains residual sugar of 570grams per liter and ABV 2.5%. There are only 200 bottles made.


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