Clos Pissarra 43730, Tarragona,Spain

The name Clos Pissarra is derived from the Catalan word for slate, as this is the soil that covers the regions of Monsant and Priorat, that lie about 85 miles southwest of Barcelona. Monsant has found a most comfortable niche, being described as a more approachable version of Priorat with a great value. Closs Pissarra does not belong to either the Priorat or the Monsant appellation system because the winemakers believe that its great value does not need to be limited to the existing standardized way of making wines. Each vineyard is still upheld on the bottle to indicate where the vines are planted. Clos Pissarra wines are big, rich, and balanced with freshness. It is one of the best wines in its price range. The winery is owned by Emmanuel Kemiji, MS, who also owns and manages Miura Vineyard in California.

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